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Helloooow I'm Cinzia, a high schooler from Milano, Italy. I love a lot of things but most of all I love my cat Neko and South Korea, the place were I wanted to born. For any question ask me! Just added on Instagram, if you wanna follow me send me a message ;) Enjoy my blog 

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blueberryrain98 said: What did you do to get your hair so long?? :o

Sorry the girl in the photo I posted it’s not me :( But I have curly long hair too and I think you just have to be patient and wait them to grow not putting too much products on them ^^

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Anonymous said: Do you know who the girl you posted with the almond eyes is? Love the blog by the way!!

No, sorry :(

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castieeell said: You are really cute haha! All that hair bah GAWD 😱

lol it’s not me, sorry

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